Dental Office New Construction: Creating a Space for Patient Comfort

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When you are looking to create a new dental office, you might be excited about getting new equipment that will make your job easier and better for patients. However, considering your patients and their needs when creating your space can better help you retain and attract new patients. Outdated dental offices can feel cold, impersonal, and tiring– not things that you want to experience when you are sitting in the dental chair! There are many things that you can do to create a comfortable patient space. Consider some of the following:

  • Choose Comfortable Colors. There’s a reason why schools choose bright primary colors in their décor and why spas choose neutrals. Colors are able to evoke certain emotions, and choosing the right colors is going to be your first step in creating patient comfort. Warm neutrals, blues and greens are ideal for comfort and are very soothing.

When you are looking to create a new dental office

  • Allow for Great Lighting. Feeling stuck in a small, windowless room is uncomfortable, even more so when you are sitting in a dental chair. Dental offices that capitalize their new construction to have lots of windows allow for an open, airy and calming feeling when staring out a window to green space.
  • Design for Your Ideal Clients. Consider your audience when designing your dental office. Do you cater mostly to pediatric patients, elderly patients, or those looking for cosmetic dentistry options? Creating a children’s room with fun colors is great for family or pediatric dentists, while cosmetic dentists might want to consider more modern neutrals that evoke a luxury feel.

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