How Site Development Will Help with Zoning Requirements

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Location is a crucial part of site development, since it can make or break your business. This means so much more than where your business is located in town, since choosing a location also requires assessing a site based on factors such as site design, cost, and feasibility. One very important consideration is zoning, as the perfect location might not be suitable due to zoning requirements. Zoning can be a complex aspect to understand, but site development will help to identify bylaws and plan projects appropriately to ensure your location works best for your business (or avoid locations with red flags).

How Site Development Will Help with Zoning Requirements

Zoning regulations divide land into districts, including residential, commercial, and industrial. These regulate things like parking requirements, views, property lines, and easements. In essence, it is very important to know how a property is zoned and what is included in those requirements as part of an assessment. Have a clear understanding of what you require for your project so that you know what your wants and needs are, and be sure to incorporate zoning restrictions into your decisions.

Site development will help to identify areas with additional zoning restrictions, particularly environmentally sensitive areas like waterfront properties or wetlands. If building is permitted in this type of district, it can come with additional costs to allow for environmental safeguards. Historical areas will have restrictions on size, design, and finish, so it is important to check those requirements as well when performing site development.

The important takeaway is that your

plan will cover any applicable zoning requirements and ensure these are met before construction begins. Examining the zoning for a property along with the zoning and land use of surrounding properties will help you choose a location that will make your business a success.

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