Keys to Keeping New Construction on Track

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Establishing a new construction process is an important way to meet the goals and requirements of your project. There are many phases that come with any construction project, so having a system in place to manage each aspect will keep things moving forward as smoothly as possible.

Keys to Keeping New Construction on Track

These keys will help to ensure your new construction project stays on track:

  • Invest time into the pre-construction phase: This will provide a highly detailed look at your project’s budget, schedule, and requirements to allocate the resources, labor, and equipment necessary to complete all tasks and activities. A master schedule will guide the project by breaking down all the moving parts so that they flow seamlessly. Incorporating any subcontractors and suppliers into the schedule will create a smooth workflow.
  • Communicate well and often: Staying on schedule will rely on having a streamlined communication process that your construction team, subcontractors, and suppliers understand and follow. If any delays are occurring, knowing about them early provides the flexibility to adjust before issues start to pile up into unmanageable problems. Working together to troubleshoot and resolve any issues will keep operations running smoothly and on track. Build a relationship with your entire team to improve trust, collaboration, and productivity.
  • Document in detail: Maintaining detailed daily deports will go a long way in helping your new construction site meet targeted goals. Pay attention to potential red flags and measure progress against your master schedule through your reports. Taking the time to review your project on a daily basis will help you make adjustments, communicate changes, and keep watch over the project as a whole.

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