Understanding the Pre-Construction Stage

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When pre-construction is executed well, a construction project runs much more efficiently and smoothly. Careful planning in advance helps to identify and understand the goals and requirements for the project at hand. This then helps to shape the construction schedule and budget, crucial elements to keeping things on track as the project unfolds. Pre-construction also helps to eliminate potential issues before they occur. This may seem like a daunting task, but working through pre-construction will set up a project for success.

Understanding the Pre-Construction Stage

One component of pre-construction is subcontractor pre-qualification and selection. The purpose of this task is to ensure the project will have access to contractors who have the capacity and expertise to provide needed services. This includes checking for certifications, experience, insurance, safety training, and any other relevant screening questions. Running through a checklist in advance will help to identify red flags and ensure the availability of qualified subcontractors.

Cost is a major factor in any project, so looking at estimates and developing a schedule is a key step to staying on budget. This includes reviewing all options and possibilities, troubleshooting potential risks, and determining estimates for construction costs (conceptual, unit price, and detailed). The schedule will help the team identify and work toward established goals, so progress can be evaluated at each phase of the project. If things go off track, the planning put into the pre-construction stage helps to realign the project and meet those goals.

Ultimately, the goal of pre-construction is to develop a comprehensive project plan, mitigate potential risks, and anticipate the unforeseen circumstances that can derail a project. This results in an informed team and a road map that will offer safe detours around potential obstacles.

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