Upfits and Renovations: Medical Office Edition

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When you are considering renovating your home, you only have you and your family’s needs and wants to consider. Upfits and renovations to a medical office, however, need to appeal to a wider group of people, especially if you will be seeing different types and ages of patients in your practice. When you are looking at upfits and renovations to your medical office, here are a few good tips to get you started.

Upfits and renovations to a medical office

A great place to start is with the waiting room. The waiting room is where your patients will make their first impression, and you want it to be a positive one. Your waiting room needs to be calming, have ample seating, and make a welcoming first impression. Many people are nervous when they go to the doctor, so having soothing items such as fish tanks, water fountains, or calming colors can go a long way. Seating should not face other patients, but instead face the area where their name will be called. Placing one or two benches or couches can help make your larger patients or those there with a child feel more comfortable.

After the waiting room, you’ll want to focus on the individual rooms where patients will be seen. These rooms can be customized with different designs or similar themes depending on the type of practice you have. Pediatric practices have more freedom with bright colors, since that is what children gravitate towards, but practices that see adults should focus on natural woods, calming colors, and carefully chosen artwork on the walls. If you can include natural light, do so!

Here at Magnolia Construction LLC, we would love to help get you started on your upfits and renovations for your medical office. Please give us a call today if you have questions or would like to discuss more options for your space.